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Chart Patterns
[+] Auto-ABC with Targets(Stocks/Futures)
[+] Auto-ABC with PRZ and Targets(FX)
[+] Auto Gartley(X5) with PRZ/Targets
[+] 2B Top/Bottom
[+] Market Structures
[+] Cup and Handle
[+] Head and Shoulders
[-] Dragon Pattern
[-] MegaPhone
[-] AB=CD
[-] W5 (5-Waves) Pattern
[-] 3-Drives
[-] Parabolic Arc
[+] TrailStops
[+] Volume at Price
[+] EquiVolume with Trend
[+] Chart Simulator (Intraday/EOD)
[+] CMI (Combined Market Internals)
[+] Gap Charts
[+] Volatility Zones (VLTY)
Intraday (only)
[+] CMI (Combined Market Internals)
[+] Intrday Fibs
[+] Globex Pivots
[+] Opening Range Pivots
[+] vWap Bands
[+] BarStrength/BarTime
[+] $Tick Crossings
[+] ABC RS (Eminis/Stocks) Scanner
[+] ABC RS (FX) Scanner
[+] Gartley(X5) Scanner
[+] 2B Top/Bottom (RS)
[+] MSH/MSL (RS)
[+] TrailStops
[+] eSix
[+] EquiVolume with Trend
[+] Volume at Price
[+] AutoCharts (FREE)
Combo Packages
[+] Auto-ABC Stocks/Futures (Charts+RS)
[+] Auto-ABC FX (Charts+RS)
[+] ABCPack1: ABC/kTrend/FibBands
[+] ABCPack2: ABC+RS/kTrend/FibBands
[+] ABCPack3: ABC/Mkt. Struct./FibBands
[+] ABCPack4: ABC/Mkt.Struct/kTrend (all Charts)/FibBands
[+] ABCPack5: ABC & MS (Ch+RS)/FibBands
[+] ABCPack6: ABC & MS & kTrend (Ch+RS)/FibBands
[+] ABCPack8: ABC & MS & kTrend (Ch+RS)/FibBands/CMI/CMIRibbon
[+] Fib. Grid (3 Indicators)
[+] 2B Top/Bottom (Charts+RS)
[+] Market Structures (Charts+RS)
[+] All Pivots (GBX/Fib/OR/Floor)
Functions (TS)
[+] SuperBars Function
[+] EquiVolume Trend Function
[+] Screen Capture
[+] CMI Function
[+] Fib. Bands Function
[+] Market Structures Function
[+] Volatility Zones Function
[+] Price Profile Function
[+] Screen Capture
[+] BarStrength
[+] BarTime Plots
[+] $Tick Crossings

Your Auto ABC pattern software for TradeStation is as good as it gets. The automatic entry and stop loss levels take the guess work out of trade management and the patterns themselves are disciplined so that your software represents a complete answer for traders looking for a geometric/Fibonacci approach. The ability to use the indicators in Radar Screen and follow multiple symbols in multiple time frames means better entries and more profitable opportunities. Thank you for your excellent programming and your very good customer support.

Marc Chaikin
Inventor of "Chaikin Money Flow" and "Chaikin Oscillator" indicators

Rarely I come-across an excellent trader and a great developer as you are. Your book was an eye-opener for me. I developed some of the indicators but your ability to code the patterns with clear rules is brilliant. I have been using your ABC, CMI, Market Structures, Fib. Bands, Pivots and Superbars for the past year or so and I really love your methodolgy. I appreciate your help and details in your indicators. Every time I spoke to you on the phone, I learnt something new and really enjoyed conversations. Your products are great and I highly recommended to all traders. Thanks.

Barry S.,


"Truly great and unique tools." --- Wendy B., CA
"I love the ABC Pattern. It improved my trading signficantly." --- Sandy H., FL
"I like your support and help with indicators. " --- Glen P., NC
"Wonderful addition to my TradeStation charts." --- Noal K., ID
"I enjoy your trading ideas. The best I have seen. " --- Jack S., MD
"Your book is a must for traders. These tools help all. " ---Mark K., IL
"Great work Suri. I like your Market Context concepts." --- Raj C., CA
"Your indicators are very clear with great support. " --- Janus Y., NY