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4/18/2016 8.45am
Trading Patterns with Market Context and EquiVolumeTrend
Apr.18 2016 . Most successful trade setups are derived when patterns are trading with Market Context. Here is an example of trading an ABC Pattern with EquiVolume Trend Pivots and Market Strucutes.' More...
3/31/2016 8.45am
Trading Patterns with Market Structures
Mar. 31 2016 . Trading patterns with strong market context brings great success. Market Structures is a price Phenomenon occurs at key price turns. Disccusion of structures with ABCs is presented in this blog.' More...
1/08/2016 8.45am
Trading Failed Chart Patterns - H&S
Jan. 08 2016 . Happy New Year 2016! Most traders are familiar with trading chart patterns and its predictable targets and stops. When patterns fails to reach the pre-determined target levels the pattern becomes a 'Failed Pattern.' More...
1/01/2016 4.45pm
Happy New Year 2016
Jan. 01 2016 . Happy New Year 2016! More...
11/18/2015 4.45pm
Trading Phases using CMI
Nov. 18 2015 . CMI shows various phases of the underlying market strength. Traders can take advantage of these phases and trade in the direction of CMI. More...
11/02/2015 4.45pm
Volatility Zones
Nov. 02 2015 . Market Volatility refers to uncertainty or risk in the markets. Traders use Volatility to measure the changes of security price and act accordingly to control the risk. More...
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